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Where we've come from

Founder Ladar Levison launched Lavabit in 2004 on the principle that everyone—individuals, organizations and businesses—has the innate right to private, secure communication.

In 2013, we suspended service to protect our global customers when the U.S. government ordered us to release our Transport Layer Security private keys. To protect your digital privacy and freedom, we said no.

In 2014, we began development of the Dark Internet Mail EnvironmentDIME—a revolutionary end-to-end encrypted global standard, and extending Magma, our free, open-source mail server, for use with the new standard.

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ladar levison

ladar levison

Founder in Chief

richard delgado

richard delgado

Business Guy

What we believe


We deliver reliable, fast, affordable and secure email service that never sacrifices privacy for profits.


We always deliver secure, high-quality email services at the lowest possible price.


We provide friendly, competent service to everyone—whether they're customers, new users or interested visitors.


We vigorously protect the privacy of our users above all else.


Secure email should be as easy as regular email. We developed our services always with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind.


We engineer our systems and solutions to accomodate the widest range of users, preferences and applications.


We engage in ongoing conversation with the community to deliver the features our users want and need.


We stay open source, donate resources to help others and work for the benefit of the community—not for personal gain.


We embrace exceptional engineering that delivers technically superiour software and services.


We strive always to make the right decisions—even if they're not the easiest or most profitable.

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