Web Accessibility

Internet users with disabilities sometimes find web sites difficult or even impossible to use because of the way they were designed or implemented. In contrast, Lavabit works hard to make sure that our website complies with known guidelines for web accessibility.

To make our site accessible, we have strictly followed the XHTML and CSS specifications so that assistive technologies can easily parse our web pages. We try to keep text clear, concise and easily resizable. We have avoided using color exclusively to convey important information. We’ve tried to keep navigation usable with just a keyboard. We’ve even checked to make sure our pages render acceptably with CSS disabled.

We’ve taken these steps in accordance with the Content Accessibility Guidelines put forth by the W3C. Wherever possible, we’ve sought to achieve a AAA level of conformance. If you come across part of our site that deviates from this standard or have an idea on how we can improve, please use our contact page to let us know. Like all human endeavors our website has flaws—but with your help, we’ll keep striving for perfection.

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