Here are answers to questions we receive about our company, products and services.

When was Lavabit founded and why?

Lavabit was founded in April 2004, in response to the launch of Gmail. At the time, Lavabit’s founder, Ladar Levison, felt the idea of a large storage quota was great, but that Google was violating the privacy of its users by scanning their emails for keywords. Mr. Levison felt Lavabit could provide a better service, without violating user privacy, and that remains the mission to this day.

Should I use IMAP or POP?

The main difference between IMAP and POP is that IMAP leaves a copy of your message on the server where as POP deletes the message after downloading it. Therefore, IMAP lets you sync multiple computers and devices with your Lavabit account and POP you will only work well with one computer or device.

How do I use my own domain name?

Contact us using the form below, with the address you want associated with your account, and we'll provide you with requisite DNS entries, along with instructions for providing domain ownership.

How are you connected to the Internet and through whom?

We are connected to the Internet via redundant gigabit connections. Our primary service provider is Cogent, with two other providers available as backup.

May I delete my Lavabit account?

To delete your Lavabit account, please submit your username, and password using the form below (to confirm ownership) and we will close your account administratively.

How do I switch between modes (Trustful, Cautious, Paranoid)?

Currently we only support Lavabit Flow, which allows users to operate in "Trustful" mode using any POP or IMAP client. While we've developed command line tools, and libraries with DIME support, we are still working to integrate them into full fledged applications suitable for customer use. We're working hard to get these clients finished quickly, and welcome your help with the effort.

I’ve lost my password, how do I reset it?

Unfortunately, we can only process password resets for paid accounts, if the requester can prove ownership. To request a password reset, please use contact form below, and be sure to submit the account name, along with the following details used to register, or upgrade the account: card holder name, last four digits of the credit card used, the expiration date of the card used, and the transaction date, along with an alternate email address we can contact you with. Alas, there is nothing we can do for free accounts, or those accounts which used alternate forms of payment, as we don't have a way to verify ownership. Note that any messages stored in the account will be permanently destroy by a password reset.

Incoming mail never arrives, or is delivered directly to my Junk folder?

If your Inbox is empty, check to see if your incoming mail is being delivered to your Junk folder. If this happens to you, move your mail into your Inbox and/or train your filter to view the misplaced messages as legitimate. Over aggressive filters need to be taught the difference between legitimate messages and junk mail. The more messages you train, the more accurate your filter will become.

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