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Stories about Lavabit and our journey to provide secure email for everyone.

Meet the Drapers

The Pitch

Meet the Drapers
Lavabit Investment Promo

What makes us different

Investor Promo
freethink video

the unhackable email service

nanog video

What happened

NANOG Interview
techcrunch video

lavabit founder on snowden and dark mail's release

nytimes video

founder of lavabit, secure email service, talks snowden and fbi

New York Times
reasontv video

ladar levison on snowden and why he shut down

youngturks video

'if you knew what I know about email, you might not use it'

The Young Turks
rt video

'truly secure email is impossible in us' - lavabit owner


darkmail pushes privacy

october 30, 2013
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