When you understand our history and use our solutions, you'll know how hard we'll fight to protect your privacy.

Deep in our DNA

Lavabit is a defender of liberty. We operate from a true open source mentality and pledge to protect all users andto give away our code, server, and mail clients to the world. We care about your privacy, and we have the legacy to prove it.

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Minimized metadata

Who you communicate with is as private as what you say.

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Ironclad security

Encryption as strong as your individual passphrase.

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Completely automated; you only need your passphrase.

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Reputation filtering

Our proprietary reputation system filters out unwanted & un-trusted mail.

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Multiple modes

Flexibility to select your security based upon your threat profile.

The know-how to optimize DIME—because we created it

Developed by Lavabit, the Dark Internet Mail Environment is a secure, open-source, secure end-to-end communications platform for asynchronous messaging across the internet.

Radically different from any other encrypted platform, DIME solves security problems others neglect. It's the only automated, federated, encryption standard that works with different service providers while minimizing the leakage of metadata without a centralized authority.

To support the DIME environment, we've created the Dark Mail Access Protocol—DMAP—and Dark Mail Transfer Protocol—DMTP—to replace IMAP. We've presented both protocols to the Internet Engineering Task Force for certification and adoption.

DIME solves problems that plague legacy standards and combines the best of current technologies into a complete system. You get the greatest possible protection—and your email stays fast and easy to use.

Three levels of encryption

DIME lets you select the security level that meets your needs and matches your mindset: trustful, cautious, and paranoid. The level your pick determines how your account operates—where encryption and decryption take place where your private key is stored.

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Trustful Mode

The server handles all privacy issues requiring users to trust the server. Accounts operating in Trustful mode send messages using the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol—SMTP— and receive messages using the Post Office Protocol—POP—or the Internet Mail Access Protocol—IMAP.

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Cautious Mode

The server is only used to store and synchronize encrypted data, including encrypted copies of a user’s private keys and encrypted copies of messages. Cautious mode provides a comparable user experience to email today—while minimizing the trust placed in the server.

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Paranoid Mode

The server will never have access to a user’s private encrypted or decrypted keys. You have complete control over your information. You can leave it on one device if you like. Or attain perfect forward secrecy by rotating your key and destroying old keys—thus making your messages permanently unreadable.


We plan to conform to the Transparency Reporting Toolkit, a joint project by New America's Open Technology Institute and Harvard University's Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society. The purpose of the Toolkit is to make it easier for companies to create better transparency reports about government requests for user data.

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