Enterprise Solutions

Whether you're a sole proprietor, small to medium-sized company or mega-enterprise, we deliver the rock-solid security your business deserves.

enterprise hosting

Enterprise hosting

Cloud-based hosting for secure, end-to-end business communication. We deliver the highest possible security with a scalable, reliable, turnkey solution.

magma + volcano

Installable products

If you prefer to host secure email on your own server, it's simple with the commercial versions of Magma and Volcano. Our solutions are backed by expert service.

security consulting

Security consulting

We'll create a solution that meets the business and regulatory demands of your industry—from health care to finance and more. Everything customized to your specifications.

magma logo

Magma is Lavabit’s open source server designed for use with the Dark Internet Mail Environment.

Our Magma server provides state-of-the-art DIME encryption that works with the Volcano mail client to gaurantee secure, end-to-end protection.

volcano logo

Volcano is Lavabit's own propriety mail client—designed to maximize the safety and security of dark mail-compatible email accounts.

Now in development for iOS, Android, and webmail. The Volcano client will take full advantage of the DIME ecosystem.

flow logo

Flow supercharges your preferred email client with the security and power of Lavabit. It provides automatic, transparent, secure end-to-end email by encrypting every facet of the communication: the body, metadata and the transport layer.

Based on our Dark Internet Mail Environment Standard, Flow is the most secure email solution available in the world.

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