Evolution Tutorial

Mutt Tutorial

Mutt is configuration-driven, and has no formal setup process. For this reason, we have included an example Mutt configuration file to get you started connecting your Lavabit email account.

# Example Lavabit Mutt config file.

set folder 		= imaps://imap.lavabit.com:993	# Choose either POP or IMAP.
set imap_user 		= example			# The first part of your Lavabit email address. (i.e. "example" in "example@lavabit.com")
set spoolfile 		= +INBOX
set postponed		= +Drafts
set record		= +Sent
mailboxes		= +INBOX
	set smtp_url		= smtp://smtp.lavabit.com:587
	set smtp_pass		= "..."				#